AFSCME & SEIU Extra Help MOU Section 21: Loss of Compensation (Non-MOU Complaints)

If an extra-help employee covered by this Memorandum of Understanding suffers loss of compensation due to the inequitable application of rules, regulations, policies and procedures and where said loss of compensation is not subject to the grievance procedure specified in Section 20 of this Memorandum of Understanding, and where said loss of compensation is not a complaint of discrimination, harassment or retaliation based on a protected class, the extra-help employee shall attempt to resolve this matter with the immediate supervisor. If unable to resolve this matter satisfactorily, the extra-help employee or the extra-help employee’s Union representative may submit the complaint in writing to the Employee Relations Officer with a copy to the County Manager. If this matter is not resolved by the Employee Relations Officer within thirty (30) working days from the date of receipt of the complaint, the extra-help employee or the Union representative shall advise the Director of Human Resources in writing that the matter has not been resolved and the Director of Human Resources shall render a decision within fifteen (15) working days of receipt of this notification, whose decision shall be final. The County recognizes that other extra-help employee problems also merit prompt attention and will attempt to resolve such matters in an expeditious manner.