All employees employed in an AFSCME representation unit, except supervisors as defined in Section 2.4 C. below, shall as a condition of employment either:

  1. Become and remain a member of the Union.
  2. Pay to the Union an agency fee in an amount to be determined by the Union in accordance with legal requirements; or
  3. Do both of the following:
    1. Present to the Union and the Controller a written declaration that the employee is a member of a bonafide religion, body, or sect which has historically held a conscientious objection to joining or financially supporting any public employee organization as a condition of employment; and
    2. Pay a sum equal to the agency fee described above to one of three negotiated non-religious, non-labor, charitable funds that are exempt from taxation under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Negotiated charitable funds are:

  1. San Mateo County Health Center Foundation
  2. San Mateo County Mental Health Association’s Spring Street Shelter for the Homeless Mentall Ill

iii. San Mateo County Service League