The appointing authority may terminate a probationary employee at any time during the probationary period without right of appeal in any manner and without recourse to the procedures provided in Section 38 (Grievances) hereof, except when the employee alleges, and substantiates in writing that the termination was due to discrimination prohibited by county, state or federal statutes or regulations. If discrimination is alleged, the appeal or grievance shall be decided solely on the basis of whether or not the termination was due to discrimination; and unless it is determined that there was discrimination, the person or persons hearing the appeal or grievance shall not substitute their judgment for that of the appointing authority. In case of rejections during probationary periods, employees shall be given written notice, with reasons therefor, at once. The Human Resources Director may, upon request by an employee rejected during his/her probationary period, restore that employee’s name to the eligible list for that classification. However, the employee’s name shall not be certified to the department from which rejected without approval of the department head.