AFSCME: 35. Probationary Period

35.1 Length

Probationary employees shall undergo a probationary period of 1040 regular hours, unless a longer period, not to exceed 2080 regular hours is prescribed by the Civil Service Commission for their classifications. Individual probationary periods may be extended with good cause upon request of the department head and concurrence of the Human Resources Director; however, no probationary period shall exceed 2080 regular hours. If an employee is incapacitated due to medical conditions and is reassigned to work that is not part of the employee’s normal duties, the probation period for the primary job will be extended for the duration of the reassignment. The employee shall be notified in writing of the probationary extension at the time of the reassignment.

Time worked by an employee in a temporary, extra-help, or provisional status shall not count towards completion of the probationary period. The probationary period shall start from the date of probationary appointment.