The County may on a department by department, division by division or unit by unit basis offer alternate work week options. Such options may include but are not limited to 4/10 work week, 9/80 scheduling, flexible schedules and job sharing. Should a department or division agree to enter into an alternate work week agreement, the department except in cases of emergency as provided below also agrees to meet with the Union as soon as any problems with the alternate schedules are identified. Except in cases of emergency alternate schedules shall not be discontinued without such a meeting taking place. In all decisions regarding alternate work schedules the department heads decision is final.

In cases of emergency when the foregoing procedure is not practical or in the best public interest, the County may adopt or put into practice immediately such measures as required. At the earliest practicable date thereafter the Union shall be provided with the notice described in the preceding paragraph and be given an opportunity to meet with the appropriate management representative(s).