1. Extra-help Medical Services Assistants II who are assigned to the clinics and perform advanced patient care duties as defined in the classification specification shall receive a differential of 6.2% in addition to all other compensation.
  2. Extra-help professional staff designated by the department head who provide child or adult protective services work shall receive a five percent 5% differential in addition to all other compensation.
  3. Extra-help professional staff designed by the Human Services Agency department head who provide emergency response in protective services work shall receive a five percent 5% differential in addition to all other compensation.
  4. The County shall continue to provide appropriate uniforms for extra-help employees in the Food Services Divisions who must wear a uniform. In accordance with this provision, Lab Coats will be made available to all extra-help Food Services Supervisors.
  5. The County has agreed to provide knives for those extra-help culinary personnel required to use them in the course of their work.
  6. Extra-help Licensed Vocational Nurses employed in the Clinic Option shall receive compensation in the amount of one step (5.74%) in addition to all other compensation.
  7. 7.The Parks Department shall annually provide the following clothing items to all Park Aides:
    • Three (3) pairs of Ben Davis green jean pants
    • Three (3) Parks short or long sleeve t-shirts
    • One (1) Parks baseball cap
    • One (1) black basket weave belt with brass buckle
    • One (1) loden green sweatshirt with Department logo

    If a Park Aide works less than one hundred sixty (160) hours, these items belong to the County and are issued on loan during the time the individual works for the Parks Department.  He/she shall be required to return all of the above clothing items to the Parks Department upon separation from service. After working one hundred sixty (160) hours, these items become the property of the Park Aide.

    The Parks Department shall make available the following clothing items to all Park Aides:

    • One (1) Flying Cross Deluxe Tropical Khaki long or short sleeve shirt with badge tab and shoulder straps with shoulder patches
    • One (1) Carhartt J43 quilt lined green jacket with shoulder patches

    Regardless of the hours worked, these items belong to the County and are issued on loan during the time the individual works for the Parks Department. A Park Aide must return these additional clothing items in clean condition to the Parks Department upon separation of service.

    In addition, the Parks Department will provide a seventy-five dollar ($75.00) allowance along with the above uniform items for the purchase of:

    • One (1) pair of black or brown safety toe boots/shoes that meet Title 8, Code of California Regulations 3385, Foot Protection and have such compliance tag sewn into the footwear.

    A subsequent seventy-five dollar ($75.00) allowance will be given for replacement of safety footwear upon request after each additional one thousand forty (1,040) hours worked.

    It is understood by both parties that these uniform items are acceptable for all Park Aides to wear during their assignments, including working in the Gatehouse. It is the responsibility of Park Aides to keep the uniform items clean and in good repair.  The Parks Department may change the uniform item specifications if Department need or item availability changes

    The County and the Union will discuss provision of coveralls at the Labor-Management meeting.

    1. Coveralls will be provided for extra-help Utility Workers in the Sheriff’s Office by the County at no cost to the extra-help employee.
    2. The County shall provide uniforms to extra-help employees in the Custodian classification who work for the Public Works Department.
    3. The County shall supply jackets to extra-help employees in the classifications of Custodians and Utility Workers in the Building Services section of the Public Works Department who travel to various locations to perform work-related duties on a routine basis. These jackets shall remain the property of the County and shall be returned when an extra-help employee leaves County services or assume duties not requiring travel. Extra-help employees are responsible for maintaining their jackets in a neat and clean manner.
    4. Extra-help employees in the following classifications within the Department of Public Works are required to wear safety shoes during all work hours, and shall receive a direct payment of $175.00 in late May/early June of each year for the purchase of safety shoes that meet policy requirements. Automotive Mechanic/Trainee, Automotive Service Supervisor, Automotive Service Worker I/II/III, Boiler Watch Engineer, Gardener, Lead Gardener, Stationary Engineer I/II, and Utility Worker I/II who work (a) at the Motor Pool; (b) with the Stationary Engineers/Boiler Watch Engineers; (c) with the Facilities Crafts workers; (d) in the Construction Services section, Tower Road; (e) in the Roads Landscape unit; (f) with the Equipment Mechanics at the Grant Yard.
    5. Extra-help employees in the Motor Pool Division of Public Works who are in the classifications of Auto Services Worker I/II, Auto Mechanic and Auto Services Supervisor, who perform maintenance activities on vehicles of a Gross Vehicle Weight of 10,000 pounds or more will receive a differential of one step (5.74%) for the time actually spent while performing the work.
    6. Extra-help Communications Dispatchers II who are qualified as cross-trained dispatchers shall receive premium pay of one-half step (2.87%) in addition to their base salary. A cross-trained dispatcher is defined as a Communications Dispatcher II who is currently certified at all radios. This premium pay shall not be granted until training is received and certification is issued, certification will not be issued to any Dispatcher unable to demonstrate proficiency in all radio categories. Should a previously trained and certified cross-trained dispatcher lose certification, this premium pay shall also be lost until certification is regained.
    7. Employees required to report back to work during off-duty hours in the San Mateo Medical Center in the Pharmacy, Operating Room, and Radiology shall be compensated for a minimum of two (2) hours of overtime.

    Employees called back to work for these departments are not covered under Section 9.2.