The Union shall be allowed by a County department, in which it represents extra-help employes, use of available bulletin board space for communications having to do with official organization business, such as times and places of meetings provided such use does not interfere with the needs of the department. The department involved and/or Human Resources department will investigate problems that the Union identifies with respect to use of these bulletin boards.

The Union may distribute materials to extra-help employees within the unit it represents through County mail distribution channels if approved by the Director of Human Resources. This privilege may be revoked in the event of abuse after the Director of Human Resources consults with representatives of the Union.

Any representative of the Union shall give notice to the extra-help employee’s department head at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance when contacting departmental extra-help during the duty period of extra-help employee, provided that solicitation for membership or other internal employee organization business shall be conducted only during the non-duty hours of all employees concerned. Pre-arrangement for routine contact may be made by agreement between the Union and the department head and when made shall continue until revoked.