1. The Union shall provide the County with a copy of the Union’s “Hudson procedure” for the determination and protest of its agency fees. The Union shall provide a copy of said “Hudson procedure” to every agency fee payer covered by this Memorandum of Understanding and annually thereafter, and as a condition to any percentage change in the agency fee.
  2. Local 829 and Local 521 will supply the County with deduction authorization forms and/or membership applications.
  3. Annually, the Union shall provide the Director of Human Resources with copies of the financial report which the Union annually files with the California Employee Relations Board, the United States Department of Labor (Form LM-2), or the Union’s balance and operating statement for the prior year. Failure to file such a report within sixty (60) days after the end of its fiscal year shall result in the termination of all agency fee deductions without jeopardy to any extra-help employee, until such report is filed.