34.2 Safety Retirement Benefit Formulas (1) For those safety employees hired prior to July 10, 2011 who are in the safety plan: The County implemented the 3% @ 50 retirement benefit consistent with Government Code section 31664.1 effective January 1, 2005 for employees in Plans 1, 2 or 4. The enhancement applies to all future safety service and all safety service back to the date of employment pursuant to the Board of Supervisors’ authority under to Government Code section 31678.2 (a). Government Code section 31678.2(b) authorizes the collection, from employees, of all or part of the contributions by a member or employer or both, thatRead More →

34.1 Safety Retirement Plans (1) For those employees hired before July 13, 1997, and who moved from the General to Safety Retirement Plan the Safety Retirement schedule of benefits shall be based on the employee’s single highest year salary and they shall have the maximum COLA capped at 3% per year. (2) For those employees hired into covered classifications after July 13, 1997, they shall be placed in the Safety Retirement Plan, their retirement schedule of benefits shall be based on the employee’s average salary of the highest 36 consecutive months rather than single highest year and their Plan 2 COLA will be capped atRead More →