The County shall supply the Council monthly with a data processing run of the names and classifications of all employees in the units represented by the Council. Such lists shall indicate which employees were having dues withheld from their pay checks as of the date the roster was prepared, whether names were added to or deleted from the previous list, and whether each such change in status was by reason of leave of absence, termination or withdrawal from the Council. The lists shall be supplied without cost to the Council. Social Security numbers will be provided for Union members only.Read More →

When a person is hired in any classification represented by the Council, the County shall notify that person that the Council is the recognized employee organization for the employees in said classification and shall present that person with a copy of the current MOU and approved information which has been supplied by the Council.Read More →

Except in cases of emergency as provided below , the Council, if affected, shall be given reasonable, advance, written notice of any new or change to an existing ordinance, resolution, rule or regulation directly relating to matters within the scope of representation proposed to be adopted by the County and shall, upon request, be given the opportunity to meet with the appropriate management representatives prior to adoption. In cases of emergency when the foregoing procedure is not practical or in the best public interest, the County may adopt or put into practice immediately such measures as are required. At the earliest practicable date thereafter theRead More →

The Council shall be allowed by a County department, in which it represents employees, use of available bulletin board space for communications having to do with official organization business, such as times and places of meetings, provided such use does not interfere with the needs of the department. The Council may distribute materials to employees within the unit it represents through County mail distribution channels if approved by the Director of Human Resources. This privilege may be revoked in the event of abuse after the Director of Human Resources consults with representatives of the Council. Any representative of the Council shall give notice to theRead More →

A. The Council agrees that it has the duty to provide fair and non-discriminatory representation to all employees in all classes in the units for which this section is applicable regardless of whether they are members of the Council. B. As soon as possible after the Council has presented evidence to the County, either by an election conducted by the State Conciliation Service or by a showing of Council dues payment which evidence must be presented to the County, that it represents a majority of the employees in that bargaining unit, all employees employed in that unit, except supervisors as defined in Section 2.2 C. below, shallRead More →

The Council may have the regular dues of its members within the bargaining unit deducted from employees’ paychecks under procedures prescribed by the County Controller. Dues deduction shall be made only upon the employee’s signed authorization on a form furnished by the County, and shall continue until: (1) the employee revokes such authorization, in writing,; or (2)  the employee transfers to a unit represented by another employee organization. Employees may authorize dues deductions only for the organization certified as the recognized employee organization of the unit to which such employees are assigned. In the event that employees in a bargaining unit represented by the Council voteRead More →