Employees who have management overtime (MOT) hours available may use such time balances as time off. Any time balance not taken as time off prior to retirement or termination will be cashed out at that time.

Management employees, not including elected employees or any manager who receives overtime compensation, shall receive 5 hours of administrative leave each pay period. No more than 260 hours of such administrative leave time may be accumulated at any one time. Except as provided below, time accruals may only be compensated by being allowed time off.

Part-time management employees shall be entitled to Administrative Leave hours in proportion to the designation of the position as either half or three-quarters time, not the specific hours worked. (Half-time will equal 2.5 hours per pay period and three-quarters time will equal 3.75 hours)

In April of each year, employees will have the opportunity to convert 50% of their then current Administrative Leave hours balance for a cash payment. Time balances remaining at separation from County employment shall be cashed out post separation.