Upon approval by the department head, an employee, shall be permitted authorized absence from duty for appearance in court because of jury service, in obedience to subpoena related to the employee’s San Mateo County employment or by direction of proper authority, in accordance with the following provisions:

(1)        Said absence from duty will be with full pay to a maximum of eight (8) hours for each day the employee serves on the jury or testifies as a witness in a criminal case, other than as a defendant, including necessary travel time. As a condition of receiving such full pay, the employee must remit to the County Treasurer through the employee’s department head, within fifteen (15) days after receipt, all fees received except those specifically allowed for mileage and expenses.

(2)        Attendance in court in connection with an employee’s usual official duties or in connection with a case in which the County of San Mateo is a party, together with travel time necessarily involved, shall not be considered absence from duty within the meaning of this Section.

(3)        Any fees allowed, except for reimbursement of expenses incurred, shall be remitted to the County Treasurer through the employee’s department head.

(4)        An employee required to appear in court in a matter unrelated to his or her County job duties or because of civil or administrative proceedings that he or she initiated does not receive compensation for time spent related to those proceedings. An employee may request to receive time off using vacation, compensatory, holiday or voluntary time off if accrued balances are available, or will be in an unpaid status, for time spent related to those proceedings. This provision does not apply to grievance proceedings pursuant to this MOU, San Mateo County Civil Service Commission proceedings, EAP or Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center (PCRC) mediation proceedings, or administrative proceedings related to the Meyers Milias Brown Act or the MOU between the parties.