Permanent employees who transfer to another position in the same classification within the same department shall not be required to undergo a new probationary period in the position into which transferred.

Employees who transfer to a class in another series or in another department may be required by the department head to start a new probationary period. If a new probationary period is a condition for transfer, the employee shall sign a statement indicating an understanding of this fact prior to the effective date of the transfer. At the discretion of the Human Resources Director, examinations to demonstrate qualifications may be required before transfers between separate classes can occur.

If a new probationary period is in force, the employee shall have a window period of 28 days from the date of transfer to elect to return to his/her former position. Should employees be rejected at a point beyond the window period, they shall have the right to return to their former department if a vacancy in their former classification exists. If no vacancy exists, such employees shall be placed in the longest standing vacancy, as determined by the requisition form date, County-wide. If no vacancy exists, such employees shall displace the least senior employee as determined by Section 12. If no less senior position exists, then the employee shall be removed from County service.