The Council shall designate a reasonable number of representatives to assist in resolving grievances. The designation will depend on such circumstances as geographical locations, hours of employment and departmental organizational structure. The Council shall notify the Director of Human Resources in writing of the individuals so designated. Alternates may only be designated to perform representative functions during the absence or unavailability of all of the designated representatives.

Representatives may be relieved from their assigned work duties by their supervisors to investigate and process grievances initiated by other employees within the same bargaining unit. Requests for release time shall not be unreasonably denied. Representatives shall promptly report to the Council any grievances that may arise and cannot be adjusted on the job. Supervisory employees shall not represent non-supervisory employees in a grievance procedure where such activity might result in a conflict of interest.

Whenever an employee is required to meet with a supervisor and the employee reasonably anticipates that such meeting will involve questioning leading to disciplinary action, he/she shall be entitled to have a representative present if he/she so requests. It is not the intention of this provision to allow the presence of a representative during the initial discussion(s) of an employee’s performance evaluation.