When an employee is demoted, whether such demotion is voluntary or otherwise, that employee’s compensation shall be adjusted to the salary prescribed for the class to which demoted. The specific rate of pay within the range shall be determined by the Director of Human Resources, whose decision shall be final; provided however, that the Board of Supervisors may provide for a rate of pay higher than the maximum step of the schedule for the employee’s classification and designate such rate of pay as a “Y” rate (see Section 6.2 below), and also provided that an employee demoted as a result of abolition of a position shall be placed at the salary step in the lower classification which most closely approximates (but does not exceed) his/her salary in the higher classification.

If an employee takes a voluntary demotion to a classification previously held, the employee shall be placed at the same step in that classification which the employee held last. The employee’s service time at such step shall be the same as the service time held at such step previously.

For the purposes of improved career advancement opportunities, an employee taking a voluntary demotion to a classification in the higher series shall be placed at the salary step in the new salary range which most closely approximates such employee’s salary in the prior classification.