The appointing authority may dismiss, suspend or demote any employee in the classified service provided the rules and regulations of the Civil Service Commission are followed.

Any classified employee may either appeal such dismissal, suspension or demotion to the Civil Service Commission or file a grievance in accordance with Section 30.2.  Appeal to the Civil Service Commission must be filed within the timelines established by the Commission Rules.  Grievances filed in accordance with subsection 30.2 must be filed within fourteen calendar days after receipt of written charges.  No grievance involving demotion, suspension or dismissal of an employee will be entertained unless it is filed in writing with Employee Relations within fourteen (14) calendar days of the time at which the affected employee was notified of such action.  An employee may not both appeal to the Civil Service Commission and file a grievance under subsection 30.2 of this MOU.

A permanent classified employee may be dismissed, suspended or demoted for cause only.