Date Name Classification Department Dear Mr. Employee: Subject: Temporary Assignment to Work at a Different Location Effective immediately, you are temporarily assigned to work at home pending an investigation into alleged misconduct on your part. You are directed to remain at your home between the work hours of 8:00 a.m.

I understand that you took several days off while I was on vacation. How about if you start with telling me which days you were here and which days you didn’t work? Did anything unusual occur on Friday (11/21)? (If EE says “no”): Did you and NAME have some type

NAME, talk with me about your experience with getting client bus passes from our department. When did that first start? How did it come about? Have you gotten them every month since then? (If no: how often?) How many do you receive at a time? What do you use them

A client contacted me to complain about what she considers to have been inappropriate comments directed from you to her. This has to do with the client who (give a brief description). Please walk me through what you recall took place with this client on Tuesday. When she said she

What is your understanding of the County’s Internet policy? How many times a day, on average, do you access the Internet? How long, on average, do you stay on the Internet each time? What types of sites have you accessed? (If EE doesn’t mention sex/adult sites): Have any sites contained

Please note these sample questions do not take into account the unique aspects of any given situation, and will undoubtedly need to be changed or added to for your particular investigation. Please contact your Employee & Labor Relations representative for assistance with question development. You will need to ask follow-up

The County does not tolerate violence in the workplace. Refer to the County’s Violence in the Workplace Policy found on the County Intranet. The safety and security of employees are of the highest priority to the organization. Threats of violence, threatening behavior, or acts of violence against employees, visitors, customers,

Depending on the level of the employee alleged to have committed the misconduct and the nature of the alleged infraction, the manager may personally conduct the investigation, or may be a resource to the supervisor designated to conduct the investigation. Analyze the Data – After gathering and sorting through the

The materials in the file will be reviewed to determine whether there is sufficient proof to sustain the allegation and, if so, to determine what level of action should be taken. If disciplinary action is initiated as a result of the investigation, the file becomes the “material relied on” in

It is essential that supervisors and managers contact the County Counsel’s Office as soon as they become aware of an allegation that involves potential criminal action outside the workplace. If you are unsure whether the allegation involves potential criminal action, contact the County Counsel’s Office for guidance. Occasionally, a manager

Receive the Complaint Explain procedures. Tell the complainant that the matter will be promptly investigated and explain your procedures for investigation. Mention that someone else may interview the employee later to obtain additional information. Advise him/her that there will be no retaliation for coming forward with a complaint made in

You will not personally witness every act of misconduct alleged to have been committed by your employees. Allegations of employee misconduct can come from a variety of sources. The two most likely sources of reports/complaints of misconduct are coworkers and the public. For example, one employee may report that she