On DATE, we met to discuss your performance in the position of X. In that meeting, I brought to your attention my concerns regarding your recent workload review, where I found that documents were frequently sent out with typographical errors, and were often not timely, based on the incoming request.

Performance expectations are the standards for the position and the objectives for the individual employee, which need to be clearly communicated to employees. Expectations often have two aspects: The quantity or timeliness of work products, and The quality or accuracy of those products. A Standard is what you measure an

First, clearly communicate your expectations. These expectations may include written performance standards for the position, as well as specific objectives for the individual employee. If formal, written performance standards have not been developed for the position, you may want to discuss developing such standards with your manager. You may also

Preparing evaluations is only a small part of the employee performance process. It is essential that supervisors and managers meet with their employees regularly to discuss expectations, new assignments and work performance. Supervisors should take notes during these discussions and maintain those notes in individual files for each employee. These