Disability Pay and Accommodations The County offers short-term disability (STD) insurance for limited-term employees working 20 or more hours per week and who are not enrolled in State Disability Insurance (SDI). New employees enrolled in SDI may also enroll in the basic short term disability program for their first seven months on the job. After seven months, when SDI benefits become payable, the basic STD benefits will be cancelled. STD insurance is designed to pay a weekly benefit in the event an employee cannot work because of a covered illness or injury. This benefit replaces a portion of income, which can help meet financial commitmentsRead More →

The County offers a wide variety of programs geared towards employee health, development, and overall work-life balance. Limited term employees are eligible for all of the following County-sponsored employee programs. Wellness Program The County’s Wellness Program is dedicated to creating healthy workspaces and supporting healthy employees. The program hosts a wide variety of activities from County softball and volleyball tournaments, to meditation and nutrition classes. Limited term employees are welcome to participate in any of the County’s Wellness classes, events, and programs. Tuition Reimbursement The County is dedicated to the professional development of its employees. Limited term employees are eligible to apply for the County’sRead More →

Limited term employees receive a 401(a) retirement plan and a 457 deferred compensation plan, which is a different retirement package than a regular permanent County employees. This retirement package is not part of the County’s pension system. 401(a) Retirement Plan Limited term employees receive a 401(a) retirement plan which includes: An employer contribution of 2% in year 1 of employment (2,080 hours), 3% in year 2 (4,160 hours), and 4% in year 3 (6,240 hours). An additional employer matching contribution based on employee contribution, up to an additional 3% The employer contributions to the 401(a) plan fully vest at the end of year 3 (6,240Read More →

Limited term employees are eligible to sign up for all of the health benefits available to regular permanent County employees which include health, vision, and dental plans. All employees are given 14 calendar days from the start of their first day with County to enroll in their preferred benefits plans. To learn more about employee benefits, please visit: http://hr.smcgov.org/employee-benefits Note: Limited term employees are not eligible for retiree health benefits once they leave the organization.Read More →

Standard Work Time All limited term employees occupying full-time positions are expected to work a standard work week of 40 hours, unless otherwise specified by their supervisor. Vacation Time Limited term employees are entitled to vacation with pay and accrue vacation hours at a rate of 4 hours for each bi-weekly pay period. The time at which limited term employees shall be granted vacations is at the discretion of their supervisor. When a limited term employee separates from County service, their remaining vacation allowance will be added to their final compensation. Sick Leave Limited term employees accrue sick leave at a rate of 3.7 hoursRead More →

Employment At-Will All limited term employees are at-will employees, and their assignments can be terminated at any time, with or without cause. The phrase “limited-term” refers to a maximum length of employment with the County and is not a guarantee of employment for the length of specified term. Because limited term employees are at-will, there is no probationary period for limited term employees. Limited term employees subject to the AFSME/SEIU Extra Help MOU may have the right to the Reconsideration Process specified in the MOU if they qualify under its provisions. Recruitment Limited term employee recruitments are not bound by the standard Civil Service RecruitmentRead More →

About Limited Term Employment In our efforts to become a more agile organization, the County of San Mateo created limited term employment. Limited term employees are employees who serve the County for a period of up to 6,240 hours. Limited term employees are typically brought on to work on special projects, help the department address a significant spike in workload, or backfill for a regular employee who is on leave or working out of class. Limited term employees subject to the AFSCME/SEIU Extra-Help MOU can only be used in circumstances outlined in the AFSCME/SEIU Extra-Help MOU. To the extent limited term employees are hired toRead More →