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Employee and Labor Relations Training

Employee Documentation (Document, Document, Document) (2 hour training)

Appropriate documentation is critical in all areas of employee management. This interactive training for supervisors and managers will be approximately one hour of instruction and one hour of hands on training (such as drafting documents and situational exercises). Participants will learn the importance of documentation such as what details should be included and appropriate records retention and will practice writing valuable documentation to assist with effective performance management.

HR Basics (3 hour training)

Are you a new supervisor? Do you need clarity around who to contact in HR when you need assistance? Become familiar with the disciplines in Human Resources and how to identify when there is an issue that needs to be resolved. Come learn about the overtime laws that you need to be aware of as a supervisor.

Managing Absenteeism (3 hour training)

Managing unscheduled absences, including sick calls, no show/no call and tardiness are some of the most common challenges that supervisors and managers face.  This two hour training will feature realistic and practical discussions of these challenges, along with tips and exercises useful in addressing and managing absenteeism.

Communicating Expectations (2 hour training)

Providing your staff with clear expectations is not only a fundamental supervisor responsibility, but the most effective way to measure performance.  This session for supervisors and managers will teach participants about the importance of communicating expectations, as well as specifically how to set and communicate those expectations with employees. Participants will receive hands-on guidance in drafting and communicating their expectations to employees.

Effective 1:1 Meetings (2 hour training)

What is a 1:1 meeting? Why is it important? How often should these 1:1 meetings be held? Who determines the frequency? Should a supervisor meet with each direct report? 1:1 meetings are critical to maintain accountability, keep the supervisor informed, and serve to nurture the supervisor-employee relationship.  In this two hour interactive training for supervisors and managers will learn how to: a) hold effective 1:1 meetings; b) develop tools to increase open communication with their employees; c) use 1:1 meetings to effectively manage employee performance; and document meeting outcomes for the supervisory file.

Supervisor’s Guide to Progressive Discipline (6 hour training)

What tools are at a supervisor’s disposal when attempting to deal with inappropriate and/or unacceptable conduct? This session will provide supervisors and managers with the knowledge and skills to identify and investigate incidents of misconduct and how to take timely and appropriate action. Participants will learn how to:  a) set and communicate expectations; b) appropriately utilize the probationary period; c) monitor conduct relevant to expectations; d) conduct effective counseling sessions; e) establish effective documentation; f) investigate incidents of misconduct; and g) initiate the appropriate level of corrective/disciplinary action at the correct time.

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Essential Supervisory Skills Series:

Coaching (4 hour training)

The Essential Supervisory Skills Academy is made up of four sessions. This session, Coaching for Performance and Development, provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed to coach direct reports to support their learning and awareness so that they and their employees are more engaged, relationships are strengthened, and productivity and job satisfaction is improved.

Goal Setting to Achieve Performance and Development (4 hour training)

The Essential Supervisory Skills Academy is made up of four sessions. This session, Setting Goals to Achieve Performance and Development, provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed to craft meaningful goals for themselves and their direct reports. Well-crafted goals typically result in clearer priorities, better action plans, enhanced learning and growth, and improved job success for the individual and the organization.

Providing Effective Feedback to Guide Performance (4 hour training)

The Essential Supervisory Skills Academy is made up of four sessions. This session, Providing Effective Feedback to Guide Performance, provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed to give and receive feedback in order to help improve performance when needed, and reinforce behavior and actions that contribute to successful performance.

Preparing Meaningful Performance Evaluations (4 hour training)

The Essential Supervisory Skills Academy is made up of four sessions. This session, Preparing Meaningful Performance Evaluations, helps the supervisor to set clear expectations, summarize performance in a fair and meaningful way, motivate successful future performance, make and implement sound decisions regarding corrective action, and recommend strategies for continued professional growth.

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Other Manager/Supervisor Leadership Training

Harassment Prevention Training (2 hour training)

This session will provide information and practical guidance regarding federal and state Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws, including sexual harassment prevention laws, and the requirements for compliance.  This informative training will assist supervisors in identifying, preventing, and eliminating discrimination and harassment in the workplace using practical examples and scenarios.  The session will include information about correcting harassment and the remedies available to victims of harassment.

Code of Conduct (Ethics) Online

This course teaches you to use the Code of Ethical Conduct and supporting policies to guide you in making ethical decisions and report suspected unethical situations if they arise.

How to Thrive in a Changing Diverse Workplace: Essential Strategies Every Supervisor/Manager Should Know (3 hour training)

This session will guide supervisors and managers in essential strategies in how to successfully navigate a diverse and multi-cultural workforce and how to thrive and promote inclusion and diversity. It will provide opportunities for supervisors and managers to identify and overcome obstacles toward achieving their goals. This session will also cover common pitfalls that supervisors and managers need to avoid in order to comply with Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws and promote an environment supportive of diversity and inclusion.

Labor Relations (7 hour training)

The purpose of this session is to understand: a) management and union roles and responsibilities; b) how to build and maintain good working relationships; c) common interactions involving notice and representation issues; d) the bargaining and meet and confer process; and e) recent changes in the climate for labor relations.

Managing Employees with Medical Conditions (4 hour training)

The purpose of this session is to provide managers and supervisors with information and strategies to effectively manage employees with medical conditions. This session will cover the: a) federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); b) California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA); c) federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA); d) California Family Rights Act (CFRA); e) County’s Transitional Work Assignment (TWA) program; and f) County’s Leave of Absence (LOA) program. By understanding these laws and programs you will be able to recognize the complexity of medical issues, the liability potential to you and the County when addressing these issues, the importance of addressing these issues in a timely manner, and how to get assistance in doing so.

Risk Management for the Supervisor/Manager (4 hour training)

This session will assist managers and supervisors to understand: a) their roles and responsibilities when an employee files a workers’ compensation claim; b) obligations they have when a claim is filed involving their area of responsibility; c) what process and insurance is necessary on agreements with independent contractors; and d) what their responsibilities are for ensuring a safe work environment.

Worker’s Compensation (3 hour training)

This half-day session is designed to provide managers and supervisors with a brief overview of workers’ compensation. Participants will learn: a) what to do when an employee notifies them of a work-related injury, condition, or illness; b) the laws behind the decisions made; c) State-mandated benefits; d) additional County benefits; and e) information on the forms and steps for processing a claim.

Hiring, Building, and Retaining a Skilled Workforce (7 hour training)

This session is designed to assist you in gaining a thorough understanding of the Civil Service recruitment and selection process; clarify your role in the recruitment and interview process; provide you with key points on evaluating, reference checking and selecting candidates; and define ways of developing/retaining your employees.

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