San Mateo County Human Resources Employee and Labor Relations Division is responsible for assisting managers and supervisors with employee issues including corrective action. The division is also responsible for planning and conducting labor negotiations and implementing the resultant agreements.

 Purpose Statement:

In order to promote a high quality workforce and collaborative relationships between employees, management and employee organizations, the Employee and Labor Relations Division provides guidance, training and recommendations on managing performance and conduct issues, provides contract interpretations, resolves complaints at the lowest level, and negotiates timely and fiscally responsible agreements.

 Goals (Vision)

  1.  Foster a work environment which values cooperation over unilateral decision-making and collaboration over conflict.
  2. Work with departments to resolve all employee‑employer problems at the lowest possible level.
  3. Ensure that all employees are treated equitably and consistently.
  4. Provide services in a manner that focuses on the overall best interests of the County.
  5. Provide and maintain open lines of communication for the dissemination of information and early discovery and resolution of problems and issues.
  6. Ensure that all negotiated agreements are lawful and workable within the boundaries provided by the County.
  7. Provide training to all supervisors and managers to assist them in developing enhanced skills in employee relations.

 Services include:

  • Employee Relations Consultation and Resolution
  • Labor Negotiations
  • Ongoing Training in a Variety of Employee and Labor Relations Topics for Managers and Supervisors
  • Employee Relations Handbook and Other Resources
  • Departmental Resources for Fingerprinting/Background Checks
  • Labor/Management Committee Participation
  • Administer Labor Contracts
  • Resolve Grievances and Other Issues Identified by Employee Organizations
  • Coordinate Unit Representation Elections in Accordance with the County’s Employer-Employee Relations Policy