General Guidance Expectations – The most important step you can take is to clearly communicate your expectations to staff. Supervisors must clearly communicate to employees that they are expected to be at their workstation, ready to work, at the beginning of their assigned shift. Employees also need to know that they need to maintain regular and predictable attendance; that they need to return from breaks in a timely manner; and that they need to follow procedures for requesting and obtaining approval for time off in accordance with department procedures. These expectations should be in writing either in the employee’s performance standards or in a separateRead More →

Correction of tardiness and absenteeism is one of the most complex and frustrating areas of Employee & Labor Relations for supervisors. Dealing with tardiness is an ongoing concern for supervisors and managers. If not dealt with promptly, excessive tardiness can adversely impact service to the public. If infrequent instances of minor tardiness are dealt with in an overly rigid and uncompassionate manner, employee morale can suffer. This is the area in which a supervisor will have the greatest day-to-day involvement. It is also the area of Employee Relations where supervisors are most likely to ignore problems until they become chronic, but is truly an areaRead More →