A split shift shall be defined as a daily work schedule that is interrupted by non-paid, non-working periods established by the County, other than bonafide rest or meal periods.

Effective no later than within the first three pay periods following Board of Supervisors’ adoption of a successor MOU in 2019, extra-help employees  who are assigned to, and work, a split shift as defined in this Section shall be paid a minimum of one (1) hour of pay at the California state minimum wage, in addition to the shift differential described in Section 8.2 where applicable.

For Shelter Care Counselors (Family Care Workers) and Transportation Officers who work a split shift, hours worked before 11:59 am shall not be combined with hours worked after 11:59 am in order to achieve the requisite eight (8) hours for shift differential pay.

Where shift differential is paid, it will only be paid for actual hours worked, not for the additional one (1) hour of pay at the California state minimum wage.