1. I understand that you took several days off while I was on vacation. How about if you start with telling me which days you were here and which days you didn’t work?
  2. Did anything unusual occur on Friday (11/21)?
    • (If EE says “no”): Did you and NAME have some type of conversation regarding the fan?
  3. What do you recall saying to NAME?
  4. What do you recall NAME saying to you?
  5. Did you say anything else after the two of you directly spoke with each other?
    • (If EE says “yes”): What did you say?
    • (If EE says “no”, or gives you a very different version): It was reported that you were overheard saying, “She’s such a $%^&$ @#$%!”
    • (If EE still denies it): Why do you think people would report having heard this?
  6. To whom were you speaking?
  7. What were your intentions in saying this comment?
  8. Why do you think your comment has caused concern?
  9. How could you have handled the situation differently?
  10. Is there anything else you want me to know?
  11. What would be your recommendation as to how to remedy the situation?
  12. What will you do if you have a future disagreement with a coworker?