Leave credits may be transferred from one or more donating employees to another receiving employee under the following conditions: The receiving employee is a permanent full or part-time employee whose participation has been approved by his/her department head; The receiving employee or the receiving employee’s spouse/domestic partner or direct family

An employee who is injured or who becomes ill while on vacation may be paid for sick leave in lieu of vacation provided that the employee: was hospitalized during the period for which sick leave is claimed, or received medical treatment or diagnosis and presents a statement indicating illness or

If the appointing authority has been informed through a doctor’s report of a medical examination, that an employee is not capable of properly performing his/her duties, he/she may require the employee to absent himself/herself from work until the incapacity is remedied. During such absence the employee may utilize any accumulated

When an employee who has been working in a seasonal or extra-help category is appointed to a permanent position such appointee shall receive credit for such extra-help or seasonal period of service in computing accumulated sick leave, provided that no credit shall be given for service preceding any period of

When the requirement for sick leave is known to the employee in advance of his/her absence, the employee shall request authorization for sick leave at such time, in the manner hereinafter specified. In all other instances the employee shall notify his/her supervisor as promptly as possible by telephone or other

Employees are entitled to be paid for sick leave used, to a maximum of the time accrued, under the following conditions: The employee’s illness, injury, or exposure to contagious disease which incapacitates him/her from performance of duties. This includes disabilities caused or contributed to by pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, childbirth, and

19.1   Accrual All employees, except extra-help or seasonal employees, shall accrue sick leave at the rate of 3.7 hours for each biweekly pay period of full-time work. Such accrual shall be prorated for any employee, except extra-help or seasonal employees, who work less than full time during a pay period.