The County shall supply without cost to the Union a monthly with a data processing run of the names and classifications of all employees in the units represented by the Union. Such lists shall indicate which employees were having Union dues withheld from their pay checks as of the date the roster was prepared, the names added to or deleted from the previous list, and whether each such change in status was by reason of leave of absence, termination or withdrawal from the Union. The lists shall be supplied without cost to the Union. The County shall notify the Union of employees who are onRead More →

When a person is hired in any classification represented by the Union, the County shall notify that person that the Union is the recognized employee organization for the employees in said classification and present that person with a copy of the current Memorandum of Understanding as well as an approved packet of information which has been supplied by the Union. The County will provide the new employee orientation list to the unions each month. This listing shall include each employee’s name, classification, and department number. Each Union shall be allowed twenty (20) minutes at the end of each new employee orientation session to speak toRead More →

Except in cases of emergency as provided below in this subsection the Union, if affected, shall be given reasonable advance written notice of any ordinance, resolution, rule or regulation directly relating to matters within the scope of representation proposed to be adopted by the County and shall be given the opportunity to meet with the appropriate management representatives prior to adoption. In cases of emergency when the foregoing procedure is not practical or in the best public interest, the County may adopt or put into practice immediately such measures as are required. At the earliest practicable date thereafter the Union shall be provided with theRead More →

The Union shall be allowed by a County department, in which it represents employees, use of available bulletin board space (17″ by 14″) for communications having to do with official organization business, such as times and places of meetings provided such use does not interfere with the needs of the department. The department involved and/or Human Resources will investigate problems that the Union identifies with respect to use of these bulletin boards. The Union may distribute materials to employees within the unit it represents through County mail distribution channels if approved by the Human Resources Director. This privilege may be revoked in the event ofRead More →

The Union shall indemnify, defend, and save the County harmless against any and all claims, demands, suits, orders, or judgments, or other forms of liability that arise out of or by reason of this union security Section, or action taken or not taken by the County under this Section. This includes, but is not limited to, the County’s attorney’s fees and costs.Read More →

The Union shall provide the County with a copy of the Union’s “Hudson procedure” for the determination and protest of its agency fees. The Union shall provide a copy of said “Hudson procedure” to every agency fee payor covered by this Memorandum of Understanding and annually thereafter, and as a condition to any percentage change in the agency fee. Local 829 will supply the County with deduction authorization forms and/or membership applications. Annually, the Union shall provide the Director of Human Resources   with copies of the financial report which the Union annually files with the California Employee Relations Board, the United States Department of LaborRead More →

Understanding shall be provided by the County with and shall execute an “Employee Authorization for Payroll Deduction” form selecting one of the following: 1) Union dues; 2) agency fee; or 3) if he/she qualifies, a fee equal to agency fee payable to one of three negotiated charities. All dues, service fees and PEOPLE deductions shall be transmitted to Local 829 in an expeditious manner. All transmittal checks shall be accompanied by documentation which denotes the employee’s name, social security number (for members only), amount of deduction (including PEOPLE) and member or fee payer status. The County shall hand out agreed upon Union materials along with the Agency Shop forms.Read More →

The Union may have the regular dues of its members within a representation unit deducted from employees’ paychecks under procedures prescribed by the County Controller for such deductions. Dues deduction shall be made only upon signed authorization from the employee upon a form furnished by the County, and shall continue: (1) until such authorization is revoked, in writing, by the employee; or (2) until the transfer of the employee to a unit represented by another employee organization. The Human Resources Department and the Controller’s Office will work to provide that dues deductions are promptly terminated when an employee transfers out of union representation through a change inRead More →

The provisions of 2.1 above shall not apply during periods that an employee is separated from the representation unit, but shall be reinstated upon the return of the employee to the representation unit. For the purpose of this Section, the term separation includes transfer out of the representation unit, layoff, and leave of absence without pay.Read More →

If, after all other involuntary and insurance premium deductions are made in any pay period, the balance is not sufficient to pay the deduction of Union dues, agency fee, or charity fee required by this Section, no such deduction shall be made for the current pay period.Read More →

For the purpose of this section, a supervisor or supervisory employee shall be an employee who regularly supervises the work of two or more employees and whose work customarily and regularly involves spending more than 50 percent of work time on supervisory, rather than journeyperson, activity. Classifications and positions meeting this definition are documented on a separate listing, additions to or deletions from this list during the term of this Memorandum of Understanding shall be by mutual agreement of the parties. Supervisors as defined above shall not be subject to the provisions of this Section 2.1, Agency Shop, but shall continue to be covered byRead More →

All employees who are members of AFSCME and who are tendering periodic dues through dues deductions from their San Mateo County biweekly paycheck and all employees who become members of AFSCME and who tender periodic dues through dues deductions of their San Mateo County biweekly paycheck shall continue to pay dues for the duration of this Memorandum of Understanding and each subsequent Memorandum of Understanding thereafter. For a period of one hundred and ten to ninety (110-90) days prior to the expiration of this Memorandum of Understanding and one hundred and ten to ninety (110-90) days prior to the expiration of any subsequent Memorandum of Understanding, anyRead More →

If any currently employed employee fails to authorize one of the above deductions within 30 calendar days of hire into a classification covered by this MOU, the County shall involuntarily deduct the agency fee from the employee’s paycheck. The Controller shall determine the timing of such automatic deductions.Read More →

All employees employed in an AFSCME representation unit, except supervisors as defined in Section 2.4 C. below, shall as a condition of employment either: Become and remain a member of the Union. Pay to the Union an agency fee in an amount to be determined by the Union in accordance with legal requirements; or Do both of the following: Present to the Union and the Controller a written declaration that the employee is a member of a bonafide religion, body, or sect which has historically held a conscientious objection to joining or financially supporting any public employee organization as a condition of employment; and Pay a sumRead More →