The County will provide up to two days paid bereavement leave upon the death of an employee’s parents, spouse, domestic partner, child, or step-child. In addition, employees may utilize accrued sick leave pursuant to Section 19.2-4.

Educational leave of absence with pay may be granted to employees under the conditions specified in this Section. In order to be granted educational leave of absence with pay an employee must submit on the prescribed form a request to the appointing authority containing all information required to evaluate the

Upon approval by the department head, an employee, other than extra-help or a seasonal worker, shall be permitted authorized absence from duty for appearance in Court because of jury service, in obedience to subpoena or by direction of proper authority, in accordance with the following provisions: Said absence from duty

The provisions of the Military and Veterans Code of the State of California as well as the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) shall govern military leave of County employees.

General Provisions Qualifying: Only permanent or probationary employees occupying permanent positions are eligible for leaves of absence without pay under the provisions of this Section. Application for and Approval of Leaves of Absence Without Pay: In order to receive leave without pay, an employee must submit a request on the

Job Incurred Disability Leave With Pay Definition: Job incurred disability leave with pay is an employee’s absence from duty with pay because of disability caused by illness or injury arising out of and in the course of his/her employment which has been declared to be compensable under the Workers’ Compensation

Any authorized absence without pay (regardless of length) which begins on or after October 20, 1996, shall not be included in determining salary adjustment rights, or any seniority rights, based on the length of employment.

Employees on leaves of absence without pay for more than two (2) biweekly pay periods shall not be entitled to payment of the County’s portion of the premiums for the health, dental, life, or long-term disability insurance, except as provided hereinafter. The entitlement to payment of the County’s portion of

20.1   General Employees shall not be entitled to leaves of absence as a matter of right, but only in accordance with the provisions of law and this Memorandum of Understanding. Unless otherwise provided, the granting of a leave of absence also grants to the employee the right to return to