Subject to applicable federal regulations, the County agrees to provide a deferred compensation plan that allows employees to defer compensation on a pre-tax basis through payroll deduction.   Effective January 1, 2016, each new employee will be automatically enrolled in the County’s Deferred Compensation program, at the rate of one percent

Effective October 20, 1996 grandchildren of custodial grandparents will be eligible dependents on all health, dental, and vision plans, whether or not formal adoption has occurred. This eligibility is contingent on documentation which is acceptable to the Health Plan.

The County shall continue its practice of calculating employee contributions for health and dental premiums on a pre‑tax basis consistent with Section 125 of the IRS Code.

Retirees who live in areas where no County Health plan coverage is available, and who are eligible for conversion of sick leave credits to a County contribution toward health plan premiums, may receive such contribution in cash while continuously enrolled in an alternate health plan in the area of residence.

Employees who retire after March 31, 2008 will, upon exhaustion of accrued sick leave, be credited with additional hours of sick leave as follows: With at least 10 but less than 15 years of service with the County of San Mateo – 96 hours With at least 15 but less

The surviving spouse of an active employee who dies may, if he/she elects a retirement allowance, convert the employee’s accrued sick leave to the above specified limits providing that the employee was age 55 or over with at least twenty years (20) of continuous service.

For County employees occupying permanent part-time positions, who work a minimum of forty (40), but less than sixty (60) hours in a biweekly pay period, the County will pay one‑half (½) of the hospital and medical care premiums described above. For County employees occupying permanent part-time positions who work a

21.1 Payment of Healthcare Premiums The County and covered employees share in the cost of health care premiums. The County will pay 85% of the total premium for the Kaiser HMO , Blue Shield HMO, or Kaiser High Deductible Health Plans(employees pay 15% of the total premium), and the County