Full-time, permanent employees may request a reduction in their work through the Voluntary Time Off (VTO) Program as described in the County’s Voluntary Time Off Policy as summarized herein. Employees may apply for the VTO Program at any time during the year. Application forms shall be made available through payroll clerks and the Benefits Office. Approved applications for enrollment received after April 1st of each year will be effective the first pay period in July of that year. Approved applications received prior to April 1st will be effective the pay period following receipt of approved applications in Human Resources . Participating employees shall be considered toRead More →

The County may on a department by department, division by division or unit by unit basis offer alternate work week options. Such options may include but are not limited to 4/10 work week, 9/80 scheduling, flexible schedules and job sharing. Should a department or division agree to enter into an alternate work week agreement, the department except in cases of emergency as provided below also agrees to meet with the Union as soon as any problems with the alternate schedules are identified. Except in cases of emergency alternate schedules shall not be discontinued without such a meeting taking place. In all decisions regarding alternate workRead More →

6.1     General The standard work week for employees occupying full-time positions consists of forty (40) hours unless otherwise specified by the Board of Supervisors. The appointing authority shall fix the hours of work with due regard for the convenience of the public and the laws of the State and the County. Employees occupying part-time positions shall work such hours and schedules as the Board and the appointing authority shall prescribe.Read More →