Within the first six (6) months of this MOU and contingent upon the agreement of the majority of the major County labor groups to participate the County and Council shall form a Retiree Health Coverage Committee to review Sections 16.5-16.10 of the MOU related to sick leave conversion upon retirement for health coverage/contributions to premiums and identify alternative or supplemental retiree medical options, including potential variations on the current program. Within thirty (30) calendar days of the formation of the Retiree Health Coverage Committee, the parties shall schedule committee meetings. The parties agree to review the current terms of the MOU and develop alternatives forRead More →

Workers whose employment with the County is severed by reason of retirement during the term of this MOU shall be reimbursed by the County for the unused accrued sick leave at time of retirement on the following basis: A. Employees Hired Prior to May 1, 2011: For employees hired prior to May 1, 2011 who retire with less than fifteen (15) years of service with the County of San Mateo, the conversion rate for each eight (8) hours of sick leave will be four hundred forty dollars ($440.00). For employees hired prior to May 1, 2011 who retire with at least fifteen (15) but lessRead More →