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The Employee Relations Division plans and conducts labor negotiations, implements labor agreements, and assists managers and supervisors with employee issues, including corrective action.

PDA 32. Bilingual Pay

A salary differential of Seventy Dollars ($70.00) biweekly shall be paid to incumbents of positions requiring bilingual proficiency as designated by their respective Department HeadsRead More →

PDA 32.2 Testing

All unit members hired to fill positions requiring bilingual skills will be tested for bilingual proficiency. Employee requests for bilingual testing will be referred toRead More →

PDA 32.4 Transfers

Transfers of unit members occupying bilingual pay positions shall be in accordance with County policy and practice and shall not be in violation of theRead More →

PDA 32.6 Review

Management shall periodically review the number and location of bilingual pay positions. If the County decides to reduce the number of filled positions in aRead More →

PDA 32.7 Administration

Administration of the bilingual pay plan will be the overall responsibility of the Human Resources Department. Any disputes concerning the interpretation or application of theRead More →

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