Employees who have been regularly working a shift described in Section 8.2 or 8.2 above for thirty (30) or more days immediately preceding a paid holiday, or the commencement of a vacation, or the commencement of a paid sick leave period, or compensatory time off, as the case may be, the applicable differential shall be included in such employee’s holiday pay, vacation pay, paid sick leave or paid compensatory time.  The vacation, sick leave, holiday and compensatory time off ­pay of an employee on a rotating shift shall include the differential such employee would have received had he/she been working during such period.Read More →

Effective as soon as possible but no later than within the first three pay periods following Board of Supervisors’ adoption of a successor MOU in 2019, full-time employees who are regularly assigned by a supervisor to work a shift of eight (8) hours or more that starts between 11:59 a.m. and before 1:01 a.m. shall be paid at shift differential rates for all hours worked during such shift. To be eligible for shift differential, such shifts must be approved by the Department Head or designee. Time worked on a flexible schedule requested by the employee and approved by the supervisor shall not be eligible forRead More →