Employees working on a holiday shall be compensated for such time worked at the rate of one and one-half (1-½) times the straight-time rate. This compensation may, at the option of the employee, be in the form of overtime pay or compensatory time off, but may not be a combination of the two.Read More →

If any of the holidays listed above falls on a day other than Sunday and the employee is not regularly scheduled to work that day, or if an employee is required to work on a holiday, the employee shall be entitled to equivalent straight time off with pay. An employee may accrue equivalent straight time off earned up to one hundred twenty (120) hours with any time earned in excess of 120 hours cashed out at the equivalent straight time rate. If an employee leaves County service with accrued holiday hours, those hours will be cashed out.Read More →

The holidays in this County are: (1) January 1 (New Year’s Day) (2) Third Monday in January (Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday) (3) February 12* (Lincoln’s Birthday) (4) Third Monday in February (Washington’s Birthday) (5) Last Monday in May (Memorial Day) (6) July 4 (Independence Day) (7) First Monday in September (Labor Day) (8) Second Monday in October (Columbus Day) (9) November 11 (Veterans Day) (10) Fourth Thursday in November (Thanksgiving Day) (11) Friday following Thanksgiving Day (12) December 25 (Christmas) (13) Every day appointed by the President of the United States or the Governor of the State of California to be a day of publicRead More →

14.1 Eligibility Regular full-time employees in established positions shall be entitled to take all authorized holidays at full pay, not to exceed eight (8) hours for any one day, provided they are in a full pay status on both their regularly scheduled workdays immediately preceding and following the holiday. Part-time employees shall be entitled to holiday pay equivalent to their benefit status (half ( ½ )-time employees shall receive four (4 )hours, three-fourths ( ¾)-time employees shall receive six (6) hours). It is understood that employees on the Voluntary Time Off (VTO) Program are considered to be in a full pay status for purposes of thisRead More →