Employment At-Will

All limited term employees are at-will employees, and their assignments can be terminated at any time, with or without cause. The phrase “limited-term” refers to a maximum length of employment with the County and is not a guarantee of employment for the length of specified term. Because limited term employees are at-will, there is no probationary period for limited term employees. Limited term employees subject to the AFSME/SEIU Extra Help MOU may have the right to the Reconsideration Process specified in the MOU if they qualify under its provisions.


Limited term employee recruitments are not bound by the standard Civil Service Recruitment Process, so limited term employees can be selected for a position in any of the following ways:

  • Participation in a standard Civil Service recruitment process and selection from the eligibility list
  • Participation in a standard non-Civil Service recruitment process and selection
  • Selection from an already active eligibility list
  • Special appointment

For limited term employees who went through a standard Civil Service Recruitment for a job classification and were placed onto the eligibility list, they may be selected by a department to interview for a regular permanent position for that same job classification without going through another Civil Service recruitment process.  Regardless of whether a Civil Service recruitment process is utilized, limited term employees are not classified employees and are not covered by the County’s Civil Service Rules.

Moving From Extra-Help to Limited Term Employment

Limited term employees who served the County as extra-help employees prior to their hiring do not receive any restoration of vacation and sick leave allowance accrued as an extra-help employee. They will start their limited term position with a balance of zero and accrue vacation and sick time at the standard rates.

End of Assignment

Limited term employment shall not last longer than 6,240 hours. If a limited term employee has completed 6,240 hours of service, they may seek out regular County employment opportunities or opportunities outside of the organization.

If a limited term employee’s assignment ends prior to the 6,240 hour maximum service time allowed, they may seek out other regular, limited term, or extra-help opportunities within the County. If said employee finds an extra-help or another limited term opportunity, they may only serve until the cumulative time between their original limited term employment and their new opportunity reaches 6,240 hours.