At the Union’s request, not to exceed on a semi-annual basis, the Director of Human Resources, or their designee, shall meet with AFSCME and SEIU representatives to discuss the unions’ recommendations and justifications for conversion of extra help hours to permanent positions.

Human Resources will communicate the Unions’ recommendations and accompanying justifications directly to the operating departments. Nothing precludes the Unions from having a separate meeting with the operating departments to discuss their recommendations. Operating departments will incorporate such recommendations as they deem feasible in preparing their recommended budgets for the fiscal year, within the context of budget constraints. The conversion of extra help hours to regular positions will be made within the context of the available budget.

In addition to the above, the County will provide updates regarding extra help and limited term positions at labor-management budget meetings. In the event the County cancels a labor-management budget meeting, the County will email the Union representatives with updated report(s).