The appointing authority shall fix the hours of work with due regard for the convenience of the public and the laws of the State and the County. Extra-help employees shall work such hours and schedules as the Board and the appointing authority shall prescribe.

It is understood that extra-help employees are not entitled to a particular shift or schedule and are subject to daily cancellation. An extra-help employee whose assignment is cancelled shall be provided at least two (2) hours’ notice before the beginning of the scheduled shift. Should at least two (2) hours’ notice not be provided, the extra-help employee shall be “floated” for a minimum of half of the scheduled shift , based on the needs of the department. Alternatively, the extra-help employee may choose to waive the guaranteed “floating” work hours and its requisite compensation.

Except as provided below, the regular workweek shall consist of forty (40) hours within a seven (7) day workweek which begins Sunday morning at 12:00 a.m. and ends Saturday night at 11:59 p.m.

For employees working a 9/80 work schedule (with a regular day off every other week) each employee’s designated work week shall begin exactly four (4) hours after the start of their eight (8) hour shift on the day of the week that corresponds to the employee’s alternating regular day off.