Extra-help employees who are authorized to be placed in an on-call status, shall be paid the hourly equivalent on-call rate applicable for their classification in the regular service, during the time in which they are required to be in an on-call status. Extra-help employees in an on-call status who are required to physically report to work shall be compensated at the time and one half rate of pay (1 1/2 time) for a minimum of three (3) hours as “call back-pay”. Extra-help employees receiving “call-back pay” shall not be entitled to “on-call” pay simultaneously. Full time employees required by their supervisor to conduct work via a remote connection (telephone or computer) during off-duty hours shall receive overtime pay for a minimum of thirty (30) minutes and any additional actual time worked rounded up to the nearest six-minute increment. Part time employees will receive compensation for work via a remote connection during off-duty hours in accordance with hours worked within the workweek.