• Definition
    • Shift differential pay, for the purpose of this Section, is defined as pay at a rate which is one step above the employee’s base pay in the salary range for his/her classification. Effective November 19, 2006, shift differential pay is defined as pay at a rate which is 8% above the employee’s base pay.
    • Notwithstanding paragraph (1) above, the biweekly shift differential pay for full-time employees shall be at least Twenty Dollars ($20.00) above the employee’s base pay, to be prorated for part-time employees.
    • Notwithstanding paragraph (1) above, the shift differential pay for the Licensed Vocational Nurse and Licensed Vocational Nurse Trainee classifications shall be computed as set forth in Exhibit E, attached hereto.
  • Applicable Shifts

Effective as soon as possible but no later than within the first three pay periods following Board of Supervisors’ adoption of a successor MOU, employees who are regularly assigned to work a shift of eight (8) hours or more which starts after 11:59 a.m. and before 1:01 a.m. shall be paid at shift differential rates for all hours worked during such shift. To be eligible for shift differential, such shifts must be approved by the Department Head or designee. Time worked on a flexible schedule requested by the employee and approved by the supervisor shall not be eligible for shift differential.

  • Split Shifts

A split shift is defined as a normal daily shift which is worked over a span of more than nine (9) consecutive hours. Employees required by proper authority to work a split shift shall be paid Three Dollars ($3.00) per each such split shift worked in addition to all other compensation.