2.1.             Dues Deduction

The Council may have the regular dues of its members within the bargaining unit deducted from employees’ paychecks under procedures prescribed by the County Controller. Dues deduction shall be made only upon certification from the Council that an employee has authorized such deduction, and shall continue until: (1) such certification is revoked, in writing, by the Council; or (2) the employee transfers to a unit represented by another employee organization or transfers to another unit that is unrepresented. Employees may authorize dues deductions only for the organization certified as the recognized employee organization of the unit to which such employees are assigned.

Not more than once per week (preferably bi-weekly on non-payroll Fridays), the Council will send a list of changes to its member listing by email to the Controller’s Office at payroll@smcgov.org with the following Certification statement:

  • “I, NAME, TITLE, hereby certify that SMCCE possesses and will maintain an authorization (for dues deductions and/or voluntary political contribution deductions, as indicated) signed by the individuals on this list from whose salary or wages the deductions is to be made.”

Certified spreadsheets that arrive by the non-payday Friday will be processed for the following week’s payroll.