The Smoking Pollution Control ordinance prohibits smoking in all County offices.

Smoking by a County employee in a County building at any time may result in disciplinary action.

Accommodation for Smokers

Appropriate outdoor accommodations, including benches, receptacles and overhead shelters, are provided. For some buildings and work areas next to buildings with no overhangs, smoking shelters have been installed.

Employee Complaints

If you have a complaint about a co-worker who smokes in your building, notify your supervisor verbally or in writing immediately.

Resources for Quitting Smoking

It’s tough to be a smoker in an increasingly smoke-free world. The County is strongly committed to your good health and well-being, and fully supports your decision to quit smoking when you are ready.

These services are currently available to all County employees by contacting the Employee Health & Fitness Program, (650) 363-4846:

  • On-site Stop Smoking Services
    • Stop smoking classes and/or individual counseling are conducted on County-time and, if you quit smoking by the end of the program, cost you nothing.
  • County-time
    • You may attend a nearby stop smoking class on County time during your normal work hours. As with the County-sponsored classes, please discuss this time commitment with your supervisor prior to enrolling.
  • Resource and Referral
    • Information about stop smoking classes offered by hospitals, medical clinics and health organizations is available.