First, clearly communicate your expectations. These expectations may include written performance standards for the position, as well as specific objectives for the individual employee. If formal, written performance standards have not been developed for the position, you may want to discuss developing such standards with your manager. You may also want to give the employee their job specification, any department specific job description which has been developed, departmental handbooks, state and federal guidelines, etc. Following this initial discussion, your responsibilities are to:

  • Discuss specific objectives, due dates, timeliness, and quality and quantity standards in one-on-one conversations and in group meetings with employees, and confirm specific objectives in writing prior to the beginning of each review period.
  • Meet with individual employees regularly to discuss their progress, both positive and negative.
  • Counsel when minor performance concerns come to your attention.
  • Prepare written evaluations every three months for probationary employees, and on an annual basis for all other employees. Please see Sample Performance Evaluation.