1. Employees laid off may take a voluntary demotion within the same department to a classification in which the employee had prior probationary or permanent status provided such a position is held by an employee with less seniority.
  2. Displaced employees may request the Human Resources Director to place their name on the promotional eligible list or open eligible list for any classification for which, in the Director’s opinion, the employee is qualified. The employee’s name will be above the names of persons who have not been disĀ­placed, ranked in the order specified in subsection 10.2.
  3. Pursuant to the Civil Service Rules as revised, an employee may, with the approval of the Human Resources Director and the gaining department head, demote or transfer to a vacant position in the same department for which they possess the necessary skills and fitness.
  4. At the sole discretion of the Human Resources Director, an employee may be allowed to transfer and displace a less senior employee in a position in the same department in which they had prior probationary or permanent status and which the Director determines is equivalent with respect to duties and responsibilities to the position the employee presently occupies.
  5. In addition to all other options, employees in class at risk of being eliminated, as determined by the affected department head, may also be placed on the reinstatement list.
  6. A transfer is defined as a change from one position to another in the same class, the salary range of which is not more than ten percent (10.0%) higher.
  7. Part time employees shall not displace full-time employees, unless the part-time employee has held full-time status in the class.