10.5     Abolition of Position The provisions of this Section 10 shall apply when an occupied posi­tion is abolished resulting in a classified employee losing status in his/her assigned classification in his/her assigned department. 10.6 In the event that an employee’s position is abolished and he/she is unable to displace another

10.3 Procedures (1) Employees laid off may take a voluntary demotion within the same department to a classification in which the employee had prior probationary or permanent status provided such a position is held by an employee with less seniority. (2) Displaced employees may request the Human Resources Director to

10.1 Notice of Layoff The department head will give at least thirty (30) days advance written notice to employees to be laid off unless a shorter period of time is authorized by the Human Resources Director. 10.2 Precedence by Employment Status No permanent employee shall be laid off while employees