1. What is your understanding of the County’s Internet policy?
  2. How many times a day, on average, do you access the Internet?
  3. How long, on average, do you stay on the Internet each time?
  4. What types of sites have you accessed?
    • (If EE doesn’t mention sex/adult sites): Have any sites contained adult or sexual material?
  5. One of our staff found inappropriate material in the printer that pertained to adult-oriented activities. It was generated under your password. What can you tell me about this?
    • (If EE asks when it happened): The website was accessed on (DATE) at (TIME).
    • (If EE admits to it): What led up to your doing so? Why did you think it was okay to do that? Did you show it to anyone else in the office? Who else was around in your work area?
    • (If EE denies it): I want to remind you that it is crucial that you be honest in your answers. Please think about your usage, and be sure to give me complete and truthful answers. The report clearly links your password to the website. How do you explain this, if it wasn’t you who accessed the website?
    • (If EE says someone used his/her password/accessed his/her computer): What do you do to safeguard your password? What do you do to safeguard your computer when you’re away from your desk? What are you supposed to be doing to safeguard them?
  6. How are your actions inconsistent with the County’s Internet Policy?
  7. Do you have anything you wish to add?