Effective the first full pay period following Board of Supervisors approval of this successor MOU in 2019, a salary differential of Seventy Dollars ($70.00) biweekly shall be paid to incumbents of positions requiring bilingual proficiency as designated by their respective Department Heads or their designee. Said differential shall be prorated for employees working less than full-time or who are in an unpaid leave of absence status for a portion of any given pay period.

Bilingual pay is effective the first pay period after Human Resources certifies the result of the bilingual exam. Under no circumstances is bilingual pay retroactive.

Designation of positions for which bilingual proficiency is required is the sole prerogative of the Department and is based on operational and staffing needs of the Department. Human Resources will oversee the bilingual examination, certify exam results and determine effective date of bilingual pay of any individual submitted by the Department for testing.  The Union shall be provided listings of employees receiving bilingual pay on a biweekly basis.

Individuals who promote or transfer to another position or Department will be reevaluated by the receiving Department to determine if bilingual pay should be continued. Should bilingual pay be continued, the Department must submit a request for continuation with the Human Resources Department.

If any employee’s request for bilingual pay consideration is denied by the Department, such denial shall be subject to appeal to the Human Resources Director whose decision shall be final.

10.1. Hiring and Selection

The County will continue to recruit and hire employees based on a specific need for bilingual skills.

10.2. Testing

All employees hired for positions requiring bilingual skills will be tested for bilingual proficiency. Employee requests for bilingual testing will be referred to the Human Resources Department Director’s designee whose decision shall be final.

10.3. Continued Use of Bilingual Language Skill

Employees hired to fill bilingual pay positions may be required to remain in bilingual positions. Nothing herein precludes any of the above specified employees from promoting to higher classes.

10.4. Transfers

Transfers of employees occupying bilingual pay positions shall be in accordance with County policy and practice and shall not be in violation of this MOU. It is recognized that utilization of a bilingual skill may be the sole reason for transfer in order to meet a specific County need.

1.5. Review

Management shall periodically review the number and location of bilingual pay positions. If the County decides to reduce the number of filled positions in a divi­sion or location eligible for bilingual pay, the County shall provide individual employees with one pay period of notice prior to discontinuing bilingual pay eligibility.

1.6. Administration

Administration of bilingual pay will be the overall responsibility of the Human Resources Department. Any disputes over interpretation or application shall be referred to the Human Resources Director, whose decision is final.