Building and Construction Trades Council Salaries: 02/01/2015 Class Code Class Title Work Group Range  A BiWeekly  B BiWeekly  C BiWeekly  D BiWeekly  E Biweekly T030 CARPENTER/MILL CABNT WKR 1 3838  $    –  $    –  $     –  $    –  $ 3,070.40 T029 CONSTRUCTION CRPNTR/MASON 1 3838  $ 2,456.00  $ 2,597.60  $ 

Exhibit A Additional Compensation Effective the first full pay period following ratification of a successor MOU, or the beginning of the first full pay period of the successor MOU (whichever is later), the salary ranges for Wastewater Collection Worker and Wastewater Collection Supervisor classifications will increase by two percent (2%).

The following list summarizes the various benefit programs in effect for employees as of April 1, 2011: MEDICAL (Active): The County pays 90% of the total premium for OE3, 85% of the Kaiser or Blue Shield HMO (workers pay 15% of the total premium) and the County pays 75% of

41.1        Past Practices Continuance of working conditions and practices not specifically authorized by ordinance or by resolution of the Board of Supervisors is not guaranteed by this Memorandum of Understanding. 41.2        Existing MOU This Memorandum of Understanding shall supersede all existing Memoranda of Understanding between the County and the Union.

In the event that any provision of this MOU is declared by a court of competent jurisdiction to be illegal or unenforceable, that provision of this MOU shall be null and void but such nullification shall not affect any other provisions of this MOU, all of which other provisions shall

During the term of agreement, upon request from the County, the Union agrees to meet and confer regarding issues within scope of representation related to the implementation of the Workday Human Resources information system.

38.1        Employee Review  Employees shall have the right to inspect and review any official record relating to their performance as an employee or to a grievance concerning them which is kept or maintained by the County. The contents of such records shall be made available to employees for inspection and

If an employee covered by this MOU suffers loss of compensation due to the inequitable application of rules, regulations, policies or procedures and said loss of compensation is not subject to the grievance procedure in Section 29, the employee shall attempt to resolve the matter with the immediate super­visor. If

36.1        Definition A grievance is any dispute which involves the interpretation or application of any provision of this MOU excluding side letters and letters attached to this agreement, and excluding those provisions which specifically provide that the decision of any County official shall be final, the interpretation or application of

34.1        Formal Appeal – Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 36, appeals of permanent employees relating to below standard performance evalua­tions shall go directly to the Civil Service Commission who will review the facts and order such action as it determines appropriate. Appeals must be filed with the Commission within ten

33.1        Length Probationary employees shall undergo a probationary period of one thousand forty (1040) regular hours, unless a longer period, not to exceed two thousand eighty (2080) regular hours is prescribed by the Civil Service Commission for their classifications. If an employee is incapacitated due to medical conditions and is

When an employee has been assigned in writing by the department head or designated representative to perform the substantive duties of a permanent position having a different classification and being paid at a higher rate, and if he/she has worked in such classification for five (5) consecutive workdays (or four

No employee shall be required regularly to perform duties of a position out­side of the class to which he/she has been appointed. However, employees may be temporarily assigned duties outside their classifications. In addition, under the conditions described in the Rules of the Civil Service Commission, a department head may

Non-Disciplinary Disposition If it becomes necessary to transfer permanently one or more employees from one geographical location to one or more work locations in different cities, employees at the original geographical location who are working in the affected classes shall be given an opportunity to express their desires for transfer.

The County and Union acknowledge that the Career Opportunities Program described in Section 29 and Exhibit B of the 2013 MOU between the parties has become outdated and non-operational. The County and Union desire to restore and update the Career Opportunities Program, with the purpose of providing current County employees

28.1        Examinations (1)        Open Examinations: Any person who meets the minimum qualifications for the job classification may compete. (2)        General Promotional Examinations: Permanent and probationary employees who have served at least six (6) months in such status prior to the final filing date for the examination are eligible to compete.

The County shall continue to provide its present long term income protection plan for all otherwise qualified permanent employees at no cost to said employees; provided that in order to be eligible for such plan employees must have been employed by the County for three (3) or more years. The

25.1        Coverage  Employees shall be covered by life insurance and accidental death insurance as follows: The County shall provide Twenty Thousand Dollars ($20,000) life insurance for each employee.  The County shall provide Five Hundred Dollars ($500) of life insurance for the employee’s spouse and up to a maximum of Five

24.1 Employees hired before August 7, 2011. Effective March 13, 2005, the County implemented the 2%@55.5 retirement enhancement (Government Code Section 31676.14) for employees in Plans 1, 2 or 4. The enhancement applies to all future service and all service back to the date of employment pursuant to the Board

23.1     During the term of this MOU, the County and the Union shall investigate the feasibility of offering additional medical and/or dental coverage and/or plan(s) Agreements reached as part of the Benefits Committee may be implemented outside of negotiations if employee organizations representing a majority of employees agree, providing, however,

The County shall provide vision care coverage for employees and eligible dependents including young adult dependents and domestic partners, and will pay the entire premium for this coverage. Effective August 1, 1994, Ten Dollar ($10.00) co‑pays shall be added for both examinations and materials.

21.1        The County shall contribute a sum equal to ninety percent (90%) of the premium for the County Plan and for the Delta Dental PMI Plan. All employees, except employees enrolled in the Building Trades Health Plan, must participate in one of these plans. 21.2        During an employee’s first year

20.1        (1)     Effective January 1, 2000, the County shall pick up the premium payment for the Building Trades Plan in the following ratio: Tier                                                            County                      Employee Employee                                                      90%                            10% Employee + 1                                                90%                            10% Employee + Family                                       90%                            10% Increases and decreases in the Building Trades Plan will be

19.1        General Employees shall not be entitled to leaves of absence as a matter of right, but only in accordance with the provisions of law and the County Ordinance Code. Unless otherwise provided, or in the event of disciplinary action, involuntary transfer, lay-off, or if an employee is no longer

18.1        Accrual All employees, except extra help, shall accrue sick leave at the rate of three and seven-tenths (3.7) hours for each biweekly pay period of full-time work. Such accrual shall be prorated for employees, except extra help, who work less than full-time during a pay period. For the purpose

17.1        Vacation Allowance Employees, excluding extra help, or as herein otherwise provided, shall be entitled to to accrue vacation with pay in accordance with the following schedule. These accruals shall be pro‑rated for part-time employees. (1)        During the first five (5) years of continuous service, vacation will be accrued at

The County does not intend to prohibit employees from being absent from work on election days if such time off can be charged to accumulated vacation, floating holiday or comp time. Every effort will be made to grant their requests unless the absence would be likely to create serious problems

15.1        Eligibility Regular full-time employees in established positions shall be entitled to take all authorized holidays at full pay, not to exceed eight (8) hours for any one day, provided they are in a pay status on both their regularly scheduled workdays immediately preceding and following the holiday. Part-time employees

14.1        Application. An employee whose position is abolished and who is unable to displace another County employee as provided in Section 13 shall receive reimbursement of fifty percent (50%) of the cash value of their unused sick leave and one week of pay for each full year (2080 hours) of

13.1        Definition of Layoff: Any department head may, with the Board of Supervisors approval, layoff employees because of lack of work, lack of funds, reorganization, or otherwise when in the best interest of the County. 13.2        Notice of Layoff: Department heads will give at least thirty (30) days advance written

Employees may be reimbursed for tuition and related fees paid for taking courses of study in an off-duty status if the subject matter content is closely related to present or probable future work assignments. Limits to the amount of reimbursable expense may be set by the Human Resources Department Director

11.1        General – Except as indicated below, the County does not reimburse employees for home to work or work to home travel. Any disputes concerning the interpretation or application of the mileage reimbursement policy shall be referred to the Human Resources Department Director, whose decision shall be final. As soon

A salary differential of fifty-five dollars ($55.00) biweekly shall be paid incumbents of positions requiring bilingual proficiency as designated by the appointing authority and the Human Resources Department Director.  Said differential shall be prorated for employees working less than full-time or who are in an unpaid leave of absence status

When warranted and in the interest of the County, department heads may assign employees to “on call” status. Compensation for “on call” duty shall be computed as follows: Employees shall be paid Four Dollars and Forty Cents ($4.40) per hour for time in which they are required to be in

8.1          Definition (1)        For this Section, shift differential is defined as a pay rate that is eight percent (8%) above the employee’s base pay. (2)        Notwithstanding paragraph (1) above, the monthly shift differential pay for full-time employees shall be at least Thirty-five Dollars ($35) above the employee’s base pay, to

7.1          Authorization – All overtime must be authorized by the department head prior to being worked. If prior authorization is not feasible due to an emergency, a confirming authorization must be made on the next regular work day. Overtime worked must be in the job class in which the person

The standard work week for full-time employees consists of forty (40) hours unless otherwise specified by the Board of Supervisors. The appointing authority shall fix the hours of work with regard for public con­venience and State and County laws. Part-time employees shall work such hours and schedules as the Board

5.1          Salary Ranges The salary ranges for all employees in the bargaining unit are as set forth in the attached Exhibits. These Exhibits represent the standard biweekly rate of pay for full-time employment unless the schedule specifically indicates otherwise, and represent the total compensation due employees, except overtime and benefits

There shall be no discrimination because of race, creed, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, legitimate employee organization activities, or any other classification protected by law, against any employee or applicant for employment by the Union, the County or anyone employed by the County; and to the extent prohibited

3.1          Attendance at Meetings County employees who are Union representatives shall be given reasonable time off with pay to attend meetings with management, or to be present at hearings where matters within the scope of representation are being considered. Use of time shall be reasonable and shall not interfere with

2.1          Dues Deduction The Union may have members’ dues deducted from employees’ pay checks under procedures prescribed by the County Controller. Dues deduction shall be made only upon the employee’s signed authorization on a form furnished by the County, and shall continue until: (1) the employee revokes such authorization in

The Building and Construction Trades Council of San Mateo County, hereinafter referred to as the “Union,” is the recognized employee organization for the Building and Road Construction Unit, certified pursuant to Resolution No. 38586, adopted by the Board of Supervisors on May 16, 1978.

The Building and Construction Trades Council of San Mateo County (“Union”), and representatives of the County of San Mateo (“County”) have met and conferred in good faith regarding wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment of employees in the bargaining unit listed in Section 1, have exchanged freely

Excerpt: Section 7.2 Overtime shall include the following language: “All other absences with pay shall not be considered time worked, except vacation and CTO shall count as hours worked when the employee is called back to work after regular hours pursuant to  Section 7.4 of the MOU.” Vacation and CTO