23.1     During the term of this MOU, the County and the Union shall investigate the feasibility of offering additional medical and/or dental coverage and/or plan(s) Agreements reached as part of the Benefits Committee may be implemented outside of negotiations if employee organizations representing a majority of employees agree, providing, however, all employee organizations are given an opportunity to meet and confer regarding such agreements.

23.2     Agreements reached with AFSCME or SEIU on Health Plan design changes will   be applied to the BCTC bargaining unit. This does not apply to changes in premium cost sharing between the County and employees. The intent of this language is to establish a “me-too” agreement regarding Health Plan design changes.For the term of the 2015-2019 MOU, unless otherwise agreed by the parties, unless the Building Trades Health Insurance plan becomes unavailable to County employees represented by BCTC, or unless the Building Trades Health Insurance Plan is determined to be a Cadillac plan under the Affordable Care Act subject to the ACA Excise Tax, employees in the bargaining unit shall continue to have the option to select the Building Trades Health Insurance Plan offered by Operating Engineers Local 3 to members, regardless of decisions made by the Benefits Committee.

The Benefits Committee will convene in June of each year and conclude by September 1 of each year. Additional sessions may be convened by management for specific issues that may arise.

23.3     Health Plan Changes

Health plan changes that are initiated by the health plan based on either legislative / regulatory changes or health plan organization policy changes are provided to employers each year. These changes are typically not significant in terms of the number of individuals who are impacted by the change. For instance, they do not often include co-pay changes for outpatient or inpatient physician or facility services, prescription drug co-pays or other major plan design co-pays. Where health plans initiate these kinds of changes to the contract, Employee Benefits will share with labor the specific changes health plans are communicating at the time of renewal, before implementing the changes. Where the changes may be eliminated by the employer purchasing, at additional cost, a rider to cover the benefit, the County will implement the change without the rider it is the County’s desire to implement such changes without riders to keep its design in conformance with the health plans’ book of business design, provided however, it will first meet and confer with the Union on any such matter.

23.3.1     The County shall issue each employee one Flexible Spending Account (FSA) “Debit Card” with a value of two hundred dollars ($200) in 2015.