34.1        Formal Appeal

Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 36, appeals of permanent employees relating to below standard performance evalua­tions shall go directly to the Civil Service Commission who will review the facts and order such action as it determines appropriate. Appeals must be filed with the Commission within ten calendar days after the evaluation becomes final. No evaluation shall be considered final until the employee has been given ten (10) working days for review and comment.

34.2        Informal Appeal

Permanent employees may also request an informal appeal of below standard evaluations. At the request of the employee and the Union to Employee Relations, a meeting will be arranged in an effort to clarify and, if possible, resolve areas of disagreement. Such meetings will be attended by the employee, his/her Union representative, the employee’s first and second level supervisors, and a representative of Employee Relations. Informal appeals may be granted at any time prior to Civil Service Commission review.

34.3        Clarification of Probationary Evaluations

Probationary employees are entitled to clarification of below standard evaluations and may request that a Union representative be present. All such requests must first be made to Employee Relations.