The Labor-Management Career Opportunities Program Committee will meet quarterly during the term of the agreement to evaluate and recommend modifications, if necessary, to allow the program to meet the needs of the participants. Such modifications may include revisions to the classes listed in Exhibits L 1 and L 2.

Notwithstanding the provisions of the Grievance Section of the Memorandum of Understanding appeals of employees of applications of the procedures of the Career Opportunities Program shall go directly to the Human Resources Director and if not satisfactorily resolved then to the Civil Service Commission. Procedures that are appealable under this

A.     Promotional Opportunities Recruitments for classifications covered by this program will be conducted on either a promotional basis (as designated in Exhibit L 1.) or an open and promotional basis (as designated in Exhibit L 2.). All recruitments for these classifications will be conducted in accordance with the Civil Service

30.1   Purpose The purpose of the Career Opportunities Program is to provide current employees with opportunities to promote, transfer, or change careers within the County in a way that is fair, competitive, easily understandable, efficient and appropriate to the County’s needs. Investing in and utilizing talents of its employees will