San Mateo Medical Center and Correctional Health Services will work collaboratively with CNA to develop a Preceptor/Mentoring/Orienting Program.  The program will include but not be limited to the following:


Preceptorship – A constant teaching and learning method using nursing as clinical role models.  The novice is defined as a licensed nurse moving into a new role, domain or setting.  Under Section 19.3(1)(d) and (e), the employee must demonstrate required competencies for the position within the allotted precepting period and obtain a competent evaluation at three (3) months and six (6) months following transfer.  Example:  A new nurse graduate hired to work in Specialty Clinic or Correctional Health.

Mentoring – Where an experienced nurse (mentor) supports the training of a less experienced nurse (mentee).  A mentor is an expert person in the field of specialty/area.  Example:  Newly hired experienced ICU nurse hired to work Acute Psychiatric 3A/B.

Orientation – Defined as newly hired staff employees who need to get familiarized with environment/setting.  Nurse has knowledge/skill set in medical-surgical.  This is considered as orienting.  Examples:  Newly hired experienced medical-surgical licensed nurse hired to work in Acute Medical Surgery 2A/B.  Newly hired experienced correctional health nurse hired to work in any County correctional facility.

The program will include but not limited to the following:

A preceptor/mentor/orientor is an RN designated by the employer to perform that role.  Qualified RNs may volunteer to be designated as preceptors/mentors/orientors and attend an employer provided training program.

In order to be designated as a preceptor/mentor/orientor, an RN must be employed with San Mateo Medical Center or Correctional Health Services at least six (6) months, with two (2) years of satisfactory experience as an RN in the relevant area of expertise and demonstrated current competencies in the department to which the RN is assigned.

Any RN assigned Preceptor/Mentor duties will be paid a preceptor/mentor differential at two dollars ($2.00) above the hourly rate for each hour that the RN is so assigned. The RN preceptor or mentor will be paid the preceptor/mentor differential for the period of time determined by the employer for precepting/mentoring duties. Preceptors/mentors will be paid to train full time, part time and per diem newly hired and transferred RNs and LVN/LPTs.

The parties agree that the preceptor/preceptee and mentor/mentee team will have a reduced patient load for a period of time until the preceptor/mentor and manager determine that the preceptee/mentee is sufficiently trained to handle an independent patient load.  The employee who is orienting will have a reduced patient load/assignment as well.  There is no additional pay for orienting staff.

Preceptors/mentors will not be paid the preceptor/mentor differential to work with current (non-transfer) staff, students and registry personnel.  These duties are currently expected as part of the professional responsibilities of any nurse employed by the San Mateo Medical Center or Correctional Health Services.

The manager will determine when the precepting/mentoring duties end once the staff member can satisfactorily and independently perform clinical functions.

Nurse Educators will not be eligible for preceptor pay.